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I'm offering private lessons in person or over the internet via Skype or Facetime.

I am currently accepting new students for a limited period only.  Email me at stevefish@stevefishwickjazz.com to discuss availibility.

Lessons by the hour in a central London location. Price includes room hire, exercises specially written for you to help with your jazz improvisation, PDF copies of all material used in the lessons and tea/coffee.  A one off lesson is £70 or you can take advantage of this special offer:  If you book five lessons you get a £20 discount off each lesson! (pre pay only, £250 payable in full for five hourly lessons).  I'll be keeping this price for a limited time only!

 I have many years teaching experience, from beginners to undergraduate and postgraduate music students. I have a Bmus degree and LRAM teaching diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and I am principal lecturer of jazz trumpet at Leeds College of Music as well as being on the teaching staff at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and London City University.  I am also a visiting tutor at The Royal Academy of Music and Birmingham Conservatoire . I have also taught at the Prague Jazz Summer Workshop  and the Junior Academy at the Royal Academy of Music and have given masterclasses in conservatoires in the UK and abroad so I have some experience teaching in groups too.

Mostly I teach trumpet (from beginners to advanced), but I do sometimes teach other instruments if you are looking to improve your jazz improvisation.  If you have a specific problem or aspect of your playing you want to work on I will, of course, focus the lesson on that, but here are some things that I would generally go through with a student if the aim is general improvement: Trumpet/Brass stuff- technique, embouchure, breathing, articulation, long tones, scales, sound production, projection, endurance, range, flexibility, 'singing' your sound, improving your ear (developing relative or perfect pitch), visualising your playing in your 'inner ear'. Bebop harmony, beyond bebop harmony, modes and application of scales over chords, transcription and how to practice them so you get the most out of that material once you have a solo down on paper, phrasing, time and 'feel', practising with a metronome, expanding your jazz vocabulary, creating your own jazz vocabulary, memorising tunes/repertoire, playing in different styles (swing, bebop, mainstream, contemporary/modern) and studying different players, interpreting melodies, playing in different keys, intervallic improvisation, playing 'outside' the changes. I would undoubtedly go into the psychological aspects of playing and performing music too, especially as applied to jazz and trumpet playing. Also how to use your practice time efficiently. Often it's not how many hours you practice but HOW you practice that makes the difference. The trumpet is a particularly demanding instrument physically which often means we can't practice as long as piano players, guitarists or saxophonists without running the risk of permanently injuring ourselves, so this is VERY important for us brass players. A well thought out practice routine can help tremendously. If any of this sounds like it might help and you're interested in a lesson please send me an email stevefish@stevefishwickjazz.com

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